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Lip Treatment Booking

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Important Notice:

In order to achieve the best possible results with your lip treatment, it is important that you do not already have filler in your lips from a previous treatment (external).

If your lips have already been treated by someone else (no matter how long ago), we recommend that you send us a high-quality photo of your lips from the front and side in advance (

If Julie Horne then recommends you dissolve previous injections before your booked appointment, this can be done in advance at Skinmed or at a local clinic near you. There must be at least 2 weeks between dissolving the old product and the new lip treatment.

If you come to your appointment with poorly placed filler, Julie may recommend dissolving it on site. Doe lip sculpting will then need to be rescheduled for a new appointment. 

Important: Please note that Julie Horne is always accompanied by medical staff for educational purposes. We ask that you only book an appointment if you are comfortable with medical personnel watching your treatment